I miss you guys

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I should be asleep by now with church tomorrow morning and all.

I haven't had so much fun with Friendster in years..

Being the dinosaur that I am, these sites rarely keep me interested for more than a month. I'd post a few photos, write some testimonials and then it'll just die.

After reading a post in James' blog about the identity thief that happened to him, for old times sake I decided to log into my old dusty friendster.

Looking through my list of friends, I've realized how many people I've lost touch with. Old school buddies who gone overseas, tuition mates, seniors, college mates. Oh how they've changed so much. =D

But the most fun is looking back at old pictures and reliving the precious memories stored in them. Not to mention saving them on my computer! lol..

I spent the last hour sending out messages to many of them, in hopes to (in words of Jon) rebuild long broken bridges. I sure hope they check their account more often than I do. xP

Burst Fire

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Next week is my "Mid-term" holidays, a well needed break! =D

1 week of Battlefield 2, mamak sessions and getting enough sleep.

Well actually, I have lots to cover for my finals. It's only a month plus away.. Better study hard.

Just passed up my Monash Exchange application today. Will find out if I'm accepted to transfer in about a few weeks.

I'm all excited, although I'm at the same time awfully terrified.

If I fail any subjects this semester, I won't be able to transfer there! I won't allow it!

There's no joy quite like getting pages and pages of cold hard programming to work flawlessly. xD Go Verilog!

Just celebrated our 2nd year anniversary on Tuesday. =) Happy anniversary baby! =D

Su Yin told us of this marvelous waffle place near 1U! Rather expensive, but it's superb! xD Strawberry and Cream.. wahhhh... Thanks Yin! =D

College group going for bowling on Saturday! I can show them my average score of 44. xP

What a difference... some RAM makes..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why didn't I do this sooner?

Last night while getting some RAM for Xin for our anniversary, I was contemplating on getting some RAM for myself as well..

Why didn't I do it sooner?!

I've been thinking about the idea for sometime now, but I wasn't too sure if it would make that much of a difference.

My wife computer was not too bad, although it was showing little signs of aging. Usually when open a word document, an excel document and MATLAB at the same time (a typical setup for doing reports), it goes to a bad crawl.

And let's not even talk about gaming. It's a sign when your computer takes 10 plus minutes just to change a few settings.

So, justifying myself saying that it will increase my university productivity two-fold =P I got myself 1GB of RAM. Apacer, 1GB DDR2, 140 bucks, a reasonable price I figured.

Acer people are such clever people. The number of RAM slots for a laptop is 2. My computer came with 512MB of RAM. They just had to use two 256MB ones.

So with my newly added 1GB stick, my wife PC now has 1.2GB of wonderful wonderful RAM. =D Nothing much compared to Kee Ken's 2GB, lol.. but it works for me!

Dark Messiah is such a joy to play now.. xD No more melting plastic smell from my laptop!

I should try to install Battlefield 2 again. Maybe this time they won't kick me out of servers anymore.



Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ooo.. A good chance to try out blogger's new video uploader..

NDS homebrew software so rocks.. =D

Please re-enter password

Friday, September 07, 2007

I wanted to post something while I was in college, but I got my password wrong. The result was this.

squat.. (-_-") Lol...

Rose & Camellia

Sunday, September 02, 2007

This game is borderline weird, but freakishly fun. =D

This is the elegant art of feminine conflict.

On the very day after she married into the noble Tsubakikoji family, Reiko suffered the loss of her husband Shunsuke. Left alone to endure the haughty torments of the clan, Reiko has finally declared war on the rest of the family.

"I am the widow of the eldest son of the Tsubakikoji family. This house is mine!"

With the rose Shunsuke gave her clutched to her bosom, Reiko squares off against the entire household...

(The text above is taken directly from the site. Lol.. =P)

So anyway, in order to defend what is rightfully hers, Reiko squares off with the other members of the noble Tsubakikoji family. How? By slapping them senseless of course! =D

The battles consist of an exchange of face-slaps. You and your opponent try to slap each other silly until one side has lost all her health. The one left standing is the victor!

I love the way they tell the story, with its anime style and dialog. The critical hits are hilarious too! xD

At difficulty level 4, I only managed to play till the Grand Madame. Her brutal punches slaps are killer. I shall attempt again after posting this.

I seem to be enjoying games that require you to physically injure someone. (hmmm...) Wii Sports Boxing was a blast!! Haha! Great fun..


Happy slapping! =D

edit: Finished the game at level 3! Onward! LEVEL 4! WOHHH! =D