Monday, September 07, 2009

With Sim reviving his blog, I'm somewhat motivated to resurrect my dead blog.

It'll be a terrible waste of the nice layout and banner Crissy and Xin did too!

So I figured, what's the best way my blog generates traffic?

The answer came quite naturally, kiasu-ness. :D

Quick and simple, the best games are those that only require one button! Avoid obstacles and make your escape!!

Dump your high scores in the Cbox!!

So to get the ball rolling, I went.. 2783m. :D

To further aggravate your kiasuness..

===== LEADERBOARD =====

Lee Hwok Chuen ---------------- 9220m!!!!
Kee "Mushikago" Ken ------------ 8742m!!
Tzin Siang--------------------6734m!
Justin "Currynoodles" Lee --------- 6226m
Tan Joo Khong----------------- 6031m
Michael J. Law --------------- 5801m
Simon Sim Song Wei --------------- 5379m
Yong Hao Zhi --------------------4812m
Lee Xin Xin--------------------- 2130m
James "Jims Boon" Lee -------------- 1573 m

Get cracking! Spread the word! The Noodle Shop re-opens!!

0 noodle(s) ordered!!: